Muammar Kabir


Dr Muammar Kabir joined the Sleep Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Fellow under Dr Azadeh Yadollahi. He received his Bachelors of Engineering Degree with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2007 and his PhD in Biomedical Engineering with Dean’s recommendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence in 2012 from The University of Adelaide, Australia. His PhD Thesis focused on the development of a novel approach for the quantification of cardiorespiratory interaction using the concept of Joint Symbolic Dynamics, which provided a simple technique for diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea and other cardiorespiratory system disturbances. He developed skills in analysis of long electrocardiographic recordings, respiration and blood pressure, and is familiar with holistic systems biology approach in joint analysis of several signals. His major interests lie in the field of electrophysiology, cardiac modeling and biomedical signal processing for extraction of vital physiological signal characteristics that will help diagnose rare cardiac arrhythmias for further understanding and improving diagnostics of cardiovascular disorders in patients. Email: