Lab Members

Principal Investigator:

Azadeh Yadollahi, PhD

Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi is an emerging investigator in the field of sleep and airway disorders. She is a Scientist at TRI—one of five research institutes within UHN, an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Graduate Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Her research program is dedicated to examining the redistribution of fluid in the body during sleep and its previously unrecognised role in disorders of the airway, including sleep apnea and asthma.

Current Members:

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Swati Profile
Swati Bhatawadekar

Muammar Kabir

Cristina Francisco

Nasim Montazeri
PhD Students:

Shumit Saha
Shumit Saha
Bryan Piper
Bryan Piper

Caren (Xiaoshu) Cao
Master’s Students:

Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole
Ahnaf Rashik Hassan
Ahnaf Hassan
Sina Akbarian
Sina Akbarian
Maziar Hafezi
Maziar Hafezi
Jamie (Qi) Zhang

Grant Gruenspan
Research Associate:

Bojan Gavrilovic

Joseph Makanjuola

Cathy (Kaiyin) Zhu
Undergraduate Students:

Jing Zhang

Ioana Samfira
Frank-Edward Nemeth
Frank-Edward Nemeth
Former Members:
Daniel Vena (Graduate Student – PhD)
Derek Zhi (Graduate Student – Masters)
Gabriel Keller Guimaraes (Undergraduate Student)
Jonahan Robianto (Undergraduate Student)
Lael Jung (Undergraduate Student)
Soheyoun Joung (Research Volunteer)
Mehrnaz Shokrollahi, PhD (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Payman Hadi, MASc (Research Associate)
Yasser Qorashi (Research Volunteer)
Cameron MacGregor
Maysam Asadilari, MD (Clinical Research Associate)
Giorgia Willits (Undergraduate Student)
Mahsa Taheri (Research Volunteer)
Elma Zola (Research Volunteer)
Michael Li (Research Associate)
Sara Mahallati (Research Associate)
Amanollah Montazeri (Research Clerk)
Fereshteh Sheida (Research Volunteer)
Turan Sadikhova (Research Volunteer)
Fafshin Ameri (Undergraduate Student)
Pamela Borden (Undergraduate Student)
Faraz Sadrzadeh-Afsharazar (Undergraduate Student)
Marina Coimbra (Undergraduate Student)
Malsha Annakkage (Undergraduate Student)
Udeesha Annakkage (Undergraduate Student)
Chris Downey (Undergraduate Student)
Daniel Tamer (Undergraduate Student)